March 24, 2023

Diploma After Matric

A Student gets  lots of questions after he/she complete their matriculation Or after the exams of matric. One of the major questions they get in their minds is that, what should they do or What Are Best Courses After Matric. There are different diplomas and courses nowadays that a student can choose easily from.

After matriculation, the education is divided into many courses and diplomas. It is up to the student to choose his/her subjects according to his desire.

Students can either select intermediate courses or Technical Diplomas which after completion; they get certified, for example, technician Diploma.

The Compulsory subject for intermediate Subjects i-e FSC, F.A, ICS, ICOM is Urdu, English, Islamite, and Pakistan Studies.

Intermediate Courses After Matric in Pakistan

Intermediate courses are as follow:





The Students Are Likely to choose the courses according to their Fruitful Desire or need.

The compulsory subjects are



Pak Study


Intermediate in Arts (F.A)


ICS (Stats)


General Science


Intermediate in commerce is the name of the study of business and management. the meaning of commerce is “Trade and aid to Trade”. This means that this study is related to the studies of business management. This field has a great scope. This is because every transaction in this world is either trade or aid to trade. Trade means the exchange of commodities with cash or commodity with commodity. It is an easy field of study but needs concentration and dedication to do it.


Faculty of arts means all the arts that are prevailing in the market. There are many arts that we have in our culture. These arts include linguistics, religious scholarly, writing, poetry, photography, videography, painting, sculpture, acting, and decoration. There is a great scope of all these arts. There are many people who have a bright future in these arts.

Intermediate in Commerce
Part 1 Includes Accounting, Economics, Commerce and Business Math’s
Part 2 Includes Accounting, Geography, Banking/Computer Science, and Statistics

Intermediate in Science

FSC Pre Eng.

FSC Pre Medical

If a student wants to go into Intermediate Science field then he/she will have to select whether they want to Choose Pre Medical or Pre Engineering.

Pre medical involves Biology, Chemistry, Physics whereas

Pre Engineering includes Math’s, Physics, and Chemistry.
Intermediate in Computer Science

  1. ICS Physics
  2. ICS Stats

Moving further those students who want to go into a computer field select ICS. ICS also has two Branches one is ICS Physics and other Statistics. Those students which go with physics have a number of Courses including Math’s, Physics, and Computer, while for the ones that are more efficient in Statistics they get to study Math’s, Stats and Computer.

DAE (Diploma of Associate Engineering)

Candidates can also choose DAE immediately after completing Matric. There are different combinations of DAE. Matric Class supports the student’s life in a better way till the education ends and practical life starts. 10th class is very important in the life of a student because at this age most of the students are unable to take decisions of their study without the proper guidance of their parents. The culture of the country compels the students that they are asked for. Thus, most of the students quit the study and start working. This is not a good practice. There is a number of career tracks that have a bright future. Here, we are going to discuss some of the best career options for the students.

Types of DAE Diplomas

Electrical Technology

Electronics Technology

Telecommunication Technology

Mechanical Technology

Computer Hardware Technology

Chemical Technology

Auto & Diesel Technology

Civil Technology

Auto & Farm Machinery Technology

Architecture Technology

Biomedical Technology

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology

Dress Making & Dress Designing Technology

Fine Arts Technology

Cast Metal and Foundry Technology

Computer Technology

Die and Mold Technology

Food Processing and Preservation Technology

Food Technology

Glass Ceramics and Pottery Development Technology

Instrument Technology

Leather Technology

Foundry and Pattern Making Technology

Metallurgy and Welding Technology

Mechanical Technology (With Specialization in Construction Machinery Technology)

Petro-Chemical Technology

Petroleum Technology

Precision Mechanical and Instrument Technology

Printing and Graphic Arts Technology

Textile Dyeing and Printing Technology

Textile Spinning Technology

Textile Weaving Technology

CAT and ACCA after Matric

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is the full form of ACCA and CA stands for Charted Accountant. This is the field of accounts that students can join after matriculation. There is a great scope of these fields in the market. There is great hard work in these fields but after doing one of these professional diplomas, these students have a bright future.

  • A career in Financial Accounting
  • A career in Cost and Management Accounting



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