March 24, 2023

Today, students are drawn to the homeopathic course due to the high competitiveness in MBBS. Explore the scope of BHMS in Pakistan to better understand career opportunities and the demands of this field. Homeopathy means studying the treatment method that treats ailments by administering small doses of natural substances. There are the most effective methods and most popular treatment options for all. BHMS is the abbreviation for the word “Bachelor” in Homeopathic and surgery. There are two kinds of BHMS programs currently available within Pakistan, i.e., BHMS (Graded) and BHMS (Classified). BHMS (Classified) is a five-year degree course that teaches students how to treat human ailments using homeopathic remedies. But, the BHMS (Graded) program is a two-year course. After completing DHMS, Homeo doctors apply to obtain a degree in homeopathy.

Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)

A Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) is hands-on and theoretical training in the discipline of Homeopathy. All pertinent scientific information about biochemistry, chemistry, physics, and biology are in contradiction to homeopathy. Homeopathic Medicine are usually biochemically inert and do not affect the development of any illness. The theories of disease it proposes are based on the fundamentals Hahnemann called miasms, which is not compatible with the later identification of bacteria and viruses as the causes of disease. Clinical tests have been conducted and have generally found no result from homeopathic treatments. The fact that homeopathy is not a science and the absence of evidence-based effectiveness has resulted in being described by medical and scientific circles as a fraud and quackery. Individuals seeking out homeopathy should be convinced of the body’s healing powers and be able to multitask. After the course is completed, the student will become an acupuncturist. The course is 5 years, divided into semesters. When the course is over, the student will be required to complete an internship.

Scope of BHMS in Pakistan Career Opportunities

Scope of BHMS in Pakistan Career Opportunities

Scope of BHMS in Pakistan

There is definitely a large scope of BHMS in Pakistan that opens many career opportunities in the medical field. It is possible to start a homeopathic practice of their own. Establishing your own market homeopathic medical shop is also possible, which is the most effective way to earn a good income. There are many employment opportunities in private and public hospitals, where Homeopathic departments are also preferred. This is in addition to the most lucrative professions in Pakistan. The scope of work can be determined by the number of career opportunities that can be built and, of course, the monthly income of someone who has completed the BHMS qualification in Pakistan. Suppose you’re also considering becoming a homeopathic physician in Pakistan. In that case, this is the option of adopting this profession for a lucrative career before obtaining an MBBS, BDS, or any other medical school.

BHMS has the same value as MSc and is a prerequisite for employment in BPS-17 and higher education. A second BSc award is given following passing the Second Professional exam within the BHMS course.

  • An honorable and highly successful personal practice in clinical medicine across Pakistan.
  • Job Opportunities for Homoeopathic Doctors in Government as well as a private hospitals.
  • Posts of Lecturer (BPS-18) in the department of Homoeopathy of the University.
  • The BPS-17 has various jobs in the government sector, e.g., many BHMS Professionals work as Nutrition and Health Specialists in the Department of Health (Government in Punjab).
  • Employment in pharmaceutical companies.
  • Employment, clinical practice along with higher educational institutions in other countries.
  • Further education, such as PGD, M. Phil, and Ph.D. in various disciplines, e.g., Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Molecular Nutrition, Community Medicine and Epidemiology, and so on.

Eligibility Criteria

The primary requirement for admission to the BHMS program is passing the 10+2 exam with 50 percent marks. The applicant must be able to pass sciences like Biology, Physics, and Chemistry as subjects in Matric and Intermediate classes.

  • FSC Pre-Medical (Minimum 50 marks or higher).
  • The Entrance exam is a must.


What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy or homeopathic treatment is an alternative health method. Samuel Hahnemann, a German doctor, established the practice in the 18th century. The medicines are derived using a natural source, i.e. animals, plants, or vitamins. The formulations are extremely dilute and are based on the idea that low doses have the highest impact. Distilled alcohol, distilled water, or milk sugar may be used to dilute an active component. Another theory followed by the system is “Like cures like.” The third major theory is that one remedy is used at one time. This means that the formula is customized based on the individual’s symptoms.

What is the Scope of BHMS in Pakistan?

The majority of people in Pakistan do not like modern drugs. They favor traditional remedies and herbal or homeopathic treatments. The use of modern medicine in Pakistan has increased in the last few decades, but just. But, health organizations on an international scale are raising their voices to reduce prescriptions for antibiotics. Additionally, it is heading towards the Eastern medical system. However, homeopathy differs from traditional medicine but makes use of natural sources. Thus, homeopathy has the promise of a bright future. This will, consequently, boost the reach of BHMS in Pakistan too.

How do I become a homeopathic physician In Pakistan?

To become a doctor in homeopathy in Pakistan, the aspirant must have the required qualifications in homeopathy, such as DHMS or BHMS. Following that is to be registered through the NHC. A homeopathic physician must have the required license to practice in Pakistan.

Which Is Better, BHMS or DHMS?

BHMS is superior to DHMS. DHMS refers to Diploma in Homeopathic Medical System. This is a 4-year diploma course that is followed by a six-month internship. You can be admitted to the diploma after the Matric/O Levels. However, it is possible to take it up after completing an intermediate or bachelor’s in sciences. DHMS is comparable to BSc (Homeopathy). The BHMS degree is in homeopathy, comparable to MBBS or MSc (Homeopathy). Due to the growing potential of the field of homeopathy, BHMS has a safe path to success in Pakistan.

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