March 29, 2023

Rehabilitation Science is a rapidly growing field in health and human movement sciences. To make a high-paying career in Pakistan, a student can earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Rehabilitation Sciences. Rehabilitation Sciences are a broad field in Pakistan due to the increased demand for Rehabilitation Engineers and Biomedical Engineers. This article will provide information about the career in Rehabilitation Science in Pakistan, including courses, degree programs, and eligibility requirements. These modules will help students to understand the primary factors involved in identifying, treating, and rehabilitating individuals to improve their quality of life. Rehabilitation Sciences studies the theories behind the rehabilitation of children and adults. It also explores the effects and consequences of mental health, disease, and movement. Please see the bottom of the page for information about a career in Rehabilitation Sciences.

For students who want to be Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapists, the modules in Rehabilitation Sciences provide a solid knowledge base they can use in their graduate studies.

Rehabilitation Sciences

Rehabilitation science is the systematic study and promotion of human function, mobility, occupation, and well-being. Science uses applied and basic methods to study phenomena at the cell, person, family, society, or community level. It develops and evaluates theories, models, and processes to help prevent, reverse or minimize impairments, allow activity, and facilitate participation. Rehabilitation science is multidisciplinary by its very nature. Rehabilitation Science is an integrated science that studies human function and participation and their relationship to health and well-being.

This discipline includes the following areas of study:

  • Science of Movement
  • Occupational Science
  • Rehabilitation Health Service Studies
  • Rehabilitation Technology Science
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation Science
  • Speech-Language Pathology

Rehabilitation science is concerned with human functioning regarding health, disease, and disability in current social, political, and physical healthcare environments. This expertise is essential for any success in many health-related fields.

Rehabilitation Sciences Career in Pakistan | Scope of DRS

Rehabilitation Sciences Career in Pakistan | Scope of DRS

Doctor of Health Science in Rehabilitation Sciences (DHSc)

The Doctor of Health Science (DHSc) in Rehabilitation Sciences is an advanced doctoral program open to occupational and physical therapists interested in leadership positions in education and/or clinical practices. This program prepares individuals for leadership roles in education and practice as master clinicians in rehabilitation science. It also promotes knowledge transfer, evidence-based practices, professional responsibility, and lifelong learning in various clinical and academic settings. Part-time study of the DHSc Program requires at least 48 quarter credits over 3 to 5 years. The DHSc program covers four areas: leadership and education, scholarship, health care practice, and administration.

DHSc Course Objectives

The DHSc curriculum offers foundation courses in teaching and research in health professions. There is also the possibility of studying in a specific area of clinical practice, such as pediatrics or orthopedics. This program prepares students for academic leadership and clinical practice. The DHSc program focuses on four areas: leadership and education; scholarship; clinical health care practice; and leadership. The Doctor of Health Science in Rehabilitation Sciences program graduates will be able to:

  • As a master clinician, practice in an area of advanced clinical practice by making clinical decisions consistent with client-centered care principles and the latest best evidence.
  • It is essential to combine theory, research, policy, and theory to promote the transfer of knowledge to clinical practice.
  • You can be effective as a consultant for patients, clients, community groups, and professional colleagues.
  • As educators in rehabilitation sciences, you can be effective in academic, clinical, or community settings.
  • Assess and develop structure, tests, measures, processes, and outcomes for service delivery or intervention via a scholarship in an area that is advanced practice or education.
  • Use peer-reviewed professional presentations to communicate information effectively.

Rehabilitation Sciences Career in Pakistan

You will need a solid understanding of the human body, Mathematics, physics, and engineering principles to be a rehabilitation engineer, rehabilitation engineer, or field clinical engineer. You must choose the right degree program to fulfill your rehabilitation career goals. Employers are increasingly looking for graduate degrees in human movement and rehabilitation science. It is possible to fulfill the degree requirements to get an entry-level job in most fields with a bachelor’s in rehabilitation sciences. Students can choose to get their master’s degree faster than traditional programs to meet this requirement. This allows them to lead innovative rehabilitation solutions and make breakthroughs much quicker than traditional programs. This is especially true if you are looking for senior-level jobs that will enable you to design and develop new assistive technologies.

Top Careers in Rehabilitation Sciences

A rehabilitation sciences degree is an excellent option if you are interested in helping people with disabilities or injuries recover. A rehabilitation science degree can help you work with patients with different conditions. This degree will help you determine if you are interested in this. This article will discuss your career options with a rehabilitation science degree. We also list the following jobs you can get with a rehabilitation science degree.

Rehabilitation Engineer

Rehabilitation engineers combine their knowledge of the human body with engineering principles to design and develop technology to assist individuals with disabilities and injuries. These assistive technologies are designed to help individuals regain their daily activities, which may have been impaired or become more difficult because of injury or other disability-related conditions. Rehabilitation engineers also work to improve the person’s comfort, decrease the risk of injury, and restore mobility.

These technologies require an intimate understanding of the human body’s movements during activities like walking, running, writing, and grasping. Although these may seem simple, they are very complex. Therefore, rehabilitation engineers use advanced technologies to analyze and track bodily movements to inform their designs.

Rehabilitation Director

The rehabilitation director oversees all aspects of the operation of a rehab center. For example, they ensure that physical and occupational therapists at the rehab facility do their jobs well. In addition, the rehabilitation director oversees the regular audits of staff, trains new staff, and coordinates rehabilitation services with other medical services. The rehabilitation director might also be responsible for marketing to increase referrals and introduce new patients.

Biomechanical Engineer

Biomechanical engineers are involved in developing, maintaining, and designing medical equipment. These include artificial organs, valves, limbs, and replacements for different body parts. This includes equipment and sensors used to diagnose or identify various medical conditions. Sometimes, these professionals are also called biomedical engineers. Biomechanical engineers are a combination of rehabilitation and field clinician engineers. They work with technologies that support HMS and play an essential role in rehabilitation science and human movement. While not all biomechanical engineers work within the rehabilitation field, they play a crucial role in ensuring patient outcomes.

Field Clinic Engineer

Field clinical engineers specialize in designing and implementing medical devices used in diagnostic procedures and examinations. Field clinical engineers are responsible for the maintenance, calibration, and operation of diagnostics on various medical devices and equipment. Field clinical engineers are essential to the field because it depends so heavily on sophisticated equipment. For example, Gait and motion analysis laboratories rely on many different pieces of technology to analyze and capture an individual’s movement patterns. Serious problems can arise if these pieces of technology don’t work correctly or are incorrect.

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