March 29, 2023

Pakistan is a country of culture, art, civilization, religion and business. It is an excellent place for cultural events, festivals, seminars, religious events, and fairs. That’s why Event Management has tremendous scope and career opportunities in Pakistan. If you want to learn about an Event Management career in Pakistan, read this article about courses, eligibility, and job opportunities. An event is any social gathering that aims to celebrate, motivate, persuade, promote, or motivate. Management is the art and science of getting others to do something for a common goal. Event management can be described as the art of organizing and planning events that are personal, corporate, or educational. This project management branch focuses on analyzing the brand’s aims and objectives. It targets the audience and creates custom events. Event management is the best use of financial, physical and human resources. It also ensures that the event is executed according to the plan.

Event Management

The application of project management to developing and managing small- or large-scale events, such as weddings, festivals, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts or conventions, is known as event management. This involves analyzing the brand and identifying the target audience. Then, the event organizers will design the event concept and coordinate the technical aspects. Events can be of any size, from business breakfasts to the Olympics. Celebrities, charities, interest groups, and other industries hold events to promote their brands, build business relationships, raise funds, celebrate success, and increase awareness. Event planning is the process of organizing and planning an event. This can include planning, budgeting, site selection, obtaining necessary permits, coordination with third-party vendors, emergency plans, security planning, catering, vendors, and coordination with police. Every event is unique, so planning and executing each event will differ depending on its nature.

Event Management Career Opportunities in Pakistan

Event Management Career Opportunities in Pakistan

Scope of Event Management in Pakistan

You may consider event management as a career choice. Event management is a broad career option in Pakistan. The events and activations sector is one of the most rapidly growing in the country. Pakistan’s heart and soul are made up of events and celebrations. Professionally managed events are held at thousands of events every year. Event management companies organize and plan events of every kind, from corporate seminars to diplomatic talks to regional fairs and weddings. Event management companies manage all major events today, such as the Commonwealth Games, Olympics, Literature Festivals, PSL, and Commonwealth Games. According to market reports, event management is on the rise.

What does an Event Manager Do?

The event manager plans and executes events, as well as takes care of the technical and creative aspects. This includes event design, branding, marketing and communication strategy and script writing. It also involves logistics, budgeting and negotiation. Event management is often ranked second to surgery as the most stressful job due to its complexity and extensive knowledge. Event managers lead complicated life. It takes work to manage hectic schedules and irregular work hours. However, people in this field believe they can handle it all and still enjoy the joy of hosting a successful event. Event managers might also use traditional media to reach their target audience. This is to increase media coverage that will reach thousands to millions. They may also invite their audience to attend their events and then contact them at the event.

Event Management Courses

Many universities in Pakistan offer certificate and graduate degree programs in event management. This program combines core training in hospitality operations, guest services, accounting and marketing with electives for special interests such as wine tasting, clubbing and trade shows. In addition, event managers often earn their business administration, public relations, or marketing degrees due to the small number of available undergraduate programs. Event managers can also earn certifications specializing in particular areas to supplement their candidacy. Certifications available include:

  • Certified Meeting Professional (CMP).
  • Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM).
  • Certified Trade Show Marketer (CTSM).
  • Certificate in Meeting Management (CMM).
  • Certified Professional in Catering and Events (CPCE).
  • Certified Event Designer (CED).
  • Certified Special Event Professional (CSEP).

Event Management Eligibility Criteria

Preference skills include energy, organization, time management, and flexibility with working hours that can be quite long. In addition, this field is open to graduates with strong public relations and networking skills. To become an event manager at a well-respected company or firm, you must have an MBA Marketing and good public relations skills. This profession will benefit from having a Master’s in marketing and a degree or certificate in public relations.

Event Management Career in Pakistan

The most lucrative career in Pakistan is event management. The number of companies/individuals organizing and hosting events has rapidly increased. This includes large-scale, international events as well as small, private events. A degree in event management is an option for those who want to pursue a career as an event manager. Event management executives can work in a company as a manager, consultant, or independently. It is important to remember that this field can be highly stressful and requires a lot of work, often outside of regular business hours.

Skills Required for Event Management

These skills are essential for Event Management.

  • Organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Negotiation skills are essential when negotiating the best price with suppliers, contractors, and venues.
  • Time management skills and the ability to work under pressure are essential to ensure that an event runs smoothly.
  • Project management experience.
  • Problem-solving skills, diplomacy.
  • Marketing and sales skills are required to promote the event and attract sponsorship.
  • The ability to manage your budget.
  • Flexible, target-driven, proactive approach.
  • Administrative and IT skills.
  • Motivation and enthusiasm for oneself.

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