March 30, 2023

The students having interest in Geophysics, they must keep Geography in consideration. Geography is somehow related to Geophysics and it has a wide scope in Pakistan. Here you can learn about Geography Career in Pakistan. Furthermore, you can also get other information regarding this field such as scope of geography in Pakistan, jobs opportunities, requirements, employment sectors, required skills, and jobs description. Geography can be defined as the scientific study and analysis of the geography of the earth, its features, its inhabitants, and the phenomena surrounding it. There are three major types of geography. These are human geography (or physical geography) and environmental geography (or environmental geography). Geography is an interdisciplinary field that includes mathematics and the natural and physical sciences. Students who have a degree in geography are prepared for many career options. You can choose to study geography if you are interested in business, politics, education, and many other areas.

The study of how individuals, groups, or societies use their territorial spaces is called Geography. The Geographer studies how the environment affects people’s activities, such as weather, water, and terrain structure. He explores the complex interactions of many factors, including population distribution and migration, urban structure and growth, transportation patterns, resource usage and trade patterns, different societies and cultures, technology, and environmental impacts.

Geography is a broad discipline that seeks to understand the earth and its natural and human complexities. It does not just focus on where things are located but also how they changed over time. Geography can be divided into two main branches: physical geography and human geography.

Scope Of Geography in Pakistan

There is excellent potential for geographic development in Pakistan. This geography line has a lot of potentials. It is not difficult to see the high demand for cultural geographers. The two main branches of geography are Human Geography (or Physical Geography), and each branch is highly specialized and in high demand. Geographic offers many career opportunities and can lead to many career paths. The Arabs are the pioneers of modern geography and have succeeded in this field. Because a country with a well-trained and skilled geographer can turn barren land into paradise, it is now the foundation of a prosperous country. These are some of the most common jobs in which a BS/MS geographic degree holder could easily find work. Many universities in Pakistan offer geography courses. You can become a specialist by earning a master’s degree. You will be working on a thesis. Make sure the thesis is in your best interest.

Geography Career in Pakistan Scope and Jobs Opportunities

Geography Career in Pakistan Scope and Jobs Opportunities

Geography Career in Pakistan

There are many career options for geographers in Pakistan, both in the public and private sectors. This list shows you some of the different careers available in Geography Careers in Pakistan.

  • Cartographer.
  • Environmental consultant.
  • Planner for the town.
  • Officer for Geographical Information Systems
  • Conservation officer.
  • Officer for recycling.
  • Landscape architect.
  • Teacher/lecturer.
  • Geographer
  • Map Maker
  • Transportation Advisor
  • Information Scientist
  • Climatologist
  • Demographer
  • Emergency Response Coordinator
  • Research Writer
  • Marketing Expert
  • Real Estate Advisor
  • Community Developer
  • Librarian

Employment Sectors

You can pursue a career as a geography major in many fields such as education, commerce, and industry. Employers in the finance, law and business sectors will also appreciate your transferable skills. These are the other areas of employment in geography:

  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Libraries
  • Research Institutes
  • Meteorological departments
  • Housing Departments
  • Geological Survey Departments
  • Disaster Management Department
  • Urban Development Departments
  • Oil and Gas Exploring Companies
  • Media
  • Construction Companies
  • Rural Development Department
  • Publishing Houses

Required Skills

Geographers need to be able to gather geographical data through field observations and mapping. Quantitative analysis methods are also available. These geographers should also be knowledgeable about using qualitative methods. The ability to create maps and diagrams is a must. You should have the ability to draw and make visual representations. When it comes to cultural factors and physical factors, you will be analyzing the geographic distribution.

These are the skills required to graduate in Geography in Pakistan

  • Verbal communication
  • Positive Attitude
  • Teamwork
  • Critical Thinking
  • Self-confidence
  • Written Communication
  • Encourage resilience
  • Stress tolerance
  • Adaptability
  • Time Management
  • Self-Awareness
  • Planning &Organizing
  • Integrity

Geographer’s Salary in Pakistan

Different employment sectors have different salaries depending on the job position and the pay scale. The salaries offered by the private sector are higher than those in government. The average salary ranges between From Rs.45,000 to Rs.90,000 per month. The average salary for geography specialists in Pakistan is Rs.500,000 to Rs.1200,000. Other perks and benefits are also included. Research scholars are geographers. Research grants pay the salaries.

Geography Career and Jobs Description

Employers are highly regarded geography as a degree subject. Graduates in geography have the best rates of employment. They can pursue a variety of career paths. There is no one job that is a geographer. Instead, there are many jobs that geologists do. We have information on your employment ability, work experience, and career options, whether you are just finishing a geography degree or planning for your next steps.

Climatologist and Meteorologist

Meteorologists use scientific principles to explain, forecast, and observe the earth’s atmospheric phenomena. A climatologist is a scientist who studies weather conditions over a long time period. Meteorology is concerned with short-term weather events that last for a few weeks. Climatology analyzes the trends and frequency of such events. It studies the frequency of weather events over many years. Climatologists examine the climates globally and locally and the human- and natural-induced factors that lead to climate change.

Environmental Manager

The job of an environmental manager is to oversee the environmental performance and implementation of sustainable development strategies in the private and public sectors. They advise companies on how to reduce their environmental impact and, in some cases, oversee the implementation of impact reduction strategies. They usually develop and measure the effectiveness of schemes for waste management, renewable energies, pollution reduction, and prevention.

Town Planner

The design, development, and maintenance of urban areas such as cities and towns are the responsibility of a town planner. You would be responsible for balancing the demands of the land and the needs of the local community. This could be at a local, regional or national level. It requires understanding the economic and environmental impacts of any proposed development.


Cartographers interpret measures and collect geographic data. They create maps that are easy to use and also update maps and charts for education and planning. Because their maps support business, marketing, engineering, geology, land-use planning, and geology decisions, they may also be called a geographic information specialist.

Landscape Architect

The role of a landscape architect is to plan, design, manage, and nurture natural and built environments. Landscape architects are skilled professionals who aim to improve all people’s and the environment’s health. Landscape architects plan and design parks, streets, plazas, trails, and other projects that strengthen communities.

GIS Specialist

Geographic Information System (GIS) specialists create and maintain GIS databases within specific areas, towns, or cities. They analyze geospatial data, gather field data, and create maps.

Environmental Geographer

The job of environmental geographers is to describe, analyze, and explain the earth’s physical features. This includes terrestrial, atmospheric, and marine components. These forces significantly impact humans and the potential for humans to alter the natural environment.


With the help of software programs, drafters transform engineers’ and architects’ designs into technical drawings. They can specialize in mechanical, civil, electrical, or electrical drafting. Illustrations are based on drawings from engineers. They use computer-aided designing software to create plans and add details to architectural plans.

Geological Technician

Geologists support engineers and scientists in the exploration and extraction of natural resources. They are responsible for maintaining laboratory and field equipment, collecting samples for analysis, and conducting scientific tests. These technicians create maps and reports to help identify natural resources.

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