March 29, 2023

In this article we discuss How to Verify PTA Approved Mobile Phones with IMEI Numbers because Many people are using imported phones from Pakistan. The majority of phones are blocked after two years. You must pay taxes to unlock them and then keep them forever. The phones become PTA locked. This means that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority blocks them from connecting to cellular networks within Pakistan. Country. This post will provide information on PTA checking the phone’s IMEI. We will show you the methods to check whether PTA authorizes the phone and if PTA approves the phone. This process is done by using the IMEI number of the phone. Buy only PTA-compatible mobile SIM-based devices. You can verify the status of your IMEI through an SMS message to the number 8484. The devices that aren’t compatible will not function until October 20th, 2018. the message reads. It is that the message was sent from PTA to mobile users.

 DIRBS Mechanism

A central system that takes information from GSMA, Consumers, CMO and Importer/OEMs System algorithm analyses inputs to create the three  lists, which CMO can share for implementation of their networks

  • Allowlist is comprised of IMEI numbers for devices that are PTA-approved as well as legally imported.
  • The blocklist comprises IMEI numbers belonging to the Stolen/Report Lost but is not registered and, therefore, will not be permitted to use Services.
  • List of exceptions: Consists of IMEI numbers that are not part of either the blocklist or allowlist and for which wireless connectivity is permitted. Users on this list will be required to register their devices per PTA guidelines and rules to allow continuous use.

How to Verify PTA Approved Mobile Phones with IMEI Numbers

Consumers are advised to confirm the authenticity of a mobile device before purchasing it according to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) laws by using one of the three methods described below. Before authenticating the device using DIRBS, check that the IMEI that appears on the screen of your mobile device corresponds to the IMEI that is on the box of the product before moving forward.

How to Verify PTA Approved Mobile Phones with IMEI Numbers

How to Verify PTA Approved Mobile Phones with IMEI Numbers

SMS Based Verification

You can send the IMEI of your mobile device directly to 8484. The system will inform you of information about the condition of your device. It is necessary to transmit the IMEI code to 8484, and you will receive a notification within a couple of minutes. If your mobile phone has been authentic in any way or isn’t, this email will inform you of the details.

App Based Verification

Log on to to check the status of IMEI. Find “Check status of your device” on the webpage and enter the IMEI for your phone. It will report the results promptly and notify you whether your phone is PTA-certified.

Website Based Verification

DVS (Device Verification System) application is available on the Google Play store; you can check the status of your IMEI. Input your IMEI number in the app, which will give you the information. You can obtain the IMEI code if you don’t wish to input it through the application. The app is free to download from app stores.

Responses While Checking the Status of IMEI

If your phone is verified, you will receive the response “IMEI is valid. Based on the compliance status, you might get one of the following:


Compliant Devices are type-approved by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) and legally imported into Pakistan.


Devices that need to be compliant are those in which the IMEI has been assigned by GSMA or was duplicated multiple times.


Devices that are blocked indicate that your device is restrained because your IMEI was identified as stolen in the past.

How to Check IMEI Number?

The easiest way to determine the mobile’s IMEI number is to:

  • Start the phone dialer on the device you wish to verify IMEI.
  • Then dial The code is: *#06#
  • The IMEI numbers of the gadget will be displayed on the screen when you hit #.
  • Users can see two IMEI numbers displayed on the screen if they have a Dual SIM handset.
  • Make a note of your IMEI number(s) to confirm and confirm for the PTA the status of registration for your mobile.

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