March 23, 2023

Mass Communication and Journalism Career Scope in Pakistan Find Career Opportunities, Courses Requirements, Special Courses, and the guidelines for degree admissions. There are many opportunities to pursue a Mass Communication and Journalism career in Pakistan. Today, we live in a world of printed and electronic media. Mass communication and journalism are the top topics in the humanities of today. There is an enormous variety of journalism in the present. Mass communication has a broader reach than journalism. In the United States, Journalism is taught at the Baccalaureate level. You should consider the subject in BA because it expands the scope of your education. BS journalism is the best choice. One thing I’d like to clarify is that merely by taking a course in Mass Communication; you cannot become an experienced professional journalist. It’s an enjoyable profession, but it is also a constant work.

The most effective method to succeed in this area is to get an education in mass journalism and communication. Mass communication involves studying how information is efficiently delivered to large numbers of people. Journalism helps students examine the current events in a particular area and then spread the news to the general public through radios, televisions, or printed media such as magazines, newspapers, blogs, articles, etc. A master’s degree in journalism and Mass Communication covers the knowledge and abilities required to excel in these fields and build a successful career. This article will explore the range of job opportunities and career options following a master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Introduction to Mass Communication and Journalism

Mass Communication

The term “mass communication” (or communications) can be described as creating, sending, or receiving communications to large groups through written and oral media. It’s an extensive field that examines how messages are made and the medium via which they are communicated. The media used are diverse and include print media, digital media, the internet, and social media. They also have television and radio. Mass communication is multidisciplinary, including aspects of related fields like strategic communication, health communication, political communication, integrated journalism, marketing communications, and many more. Suppose you are a student looking to work in mass communications or study it as an academic discipline. In that case, There are a variety of master’s and bachelor’s degrees in mass communication courses available at universities and colleges across Pakistan.


Journalism refers to the gathering as well as the production as well as distribution of information stories and related information and commentaries via electronic and print media like magazines, newspapers, books, blogs, podcasts, webcasts as well as social networking, and social media websites, and also using motion pictures, radio, and television. The term journalism was originally used to describe news events printed in print, particularly in newspapers. However, since the introduction of television, radio, and the internet in the 20th century, the definition of journalism was broadened to include all electronic and printed media covering current events.

Journalism is distinct from other products and activities by certain distinctive traits and methods. These features not only differentiate journalism from different types of communication but are why it is essential for democratic societies. The more democratic an organization is, the more information and news it will have.

Career & Scope of Journalism & Mass Communication

He must increase the general understanding of his subject, as well as his communication and writing abilities as well. Since the advent of the internet and social media, the employment prospects in this area have dramatically increased. It is advised to pursue the field of journalism in English and then join a publication or journal in English as media organizations in English have higher wages than those in Urdu.

A rising perception of professionalism characterizes journalism. Four main aspects contributed to this change:

  • The growing organization of journalists working.
  • Specialized training for journalists.
  • Increasing literature on the history, issues, and methods of mass communications.
  • Rising awareness of the social responsibility of journalists.

If you’re interested in entering the world of media with various colors, take a look at BS and MA in Mass Communication. Higher scores can improve your options in the field. It is also advised to select MA English or MA Urdu to increase your writing proficiency in these two languages. In the beginning, you’ll need to endure this process; however, if you complete the time to learn through perseverance and dedication and perseverance, you will earn money and gain fame in the future. Media has evolved into an immense power, and as a part of this elite group, you can enjoy the power of relationships, energy, and respect.

Mass Communication and Journalism Career Scope in Pakistan

Mass Communication and Journalism Career Scope in Pakistan 

Mass communication is often connected to media influence, media-related effects, and media research. Within the United States, the study of mass communications is usually associated with the practical application that journalism can provide (Print media) and radio and television broadcasting films, public relations, or advertising.

You should try to improve your public relations, too, because it is the most crucial factor to success in mass communications after acquiring academic abilities. It is the primary premise of guidance for career development and achievement in the professional world. If you want a decent job following graduation, try to find an internship during your study period. Women should focus on mass communication as the most compelling topic to empower women.

Mass Communication and Journalism Career Opportunities

Mass Communication and Journalism Degrees cover a wide range of career opportunities in Pakistan and globally.

  • Photographer
  • Reporter
  • Sub Editor
  • Cameraman
  • Producer
  • Writer
  • Director
  • Technician
  • Public Relation Officer
  • Columnist
  • Feature Writer
  • Anchorperson
  • News Caster
  • Corespondent
  • Art Director
  • Analyst
  • Lecturer

Here’s a brief description of job openings for Mass Communication and Journalists

Television & Film Director/Producer

The post-pandemic period saw a dramatic increase in the amount of media consumed, which led to the rise in demand for innovative directors and producers in the entertainment field. With the MA in Journalism and Mass Communication (MAJMC), it is possible to enter the world of media and discover a variety of profiles, such as Film and Television Producers and Directors. This is the right career path for you if you can delight viewers with films and videos. It’s not just directors or producers; professionals who have this level can also fit into the profile of scriptwriters, video editors, 3D creators, and graphic and animation designers, among other professions.

Content Writer

With the increasing use of content across all verticals, The demand for writers who write content has shot up substantially. If you’ve strong writing abilities and are looking to make them income-generating jobs, a content writer profile could be the ideal option for you. A content writer who has a MAJMC degree opens doors to possibilities in media companies, digital marketing agencies, and advertising agencies, as well as other top companies.

Event Manager

Event Management is a new field with plenty of opportunities for career advancement. If you are passionate about planning, organizing, and managing events that include coordination, creativity, financial planning, resource procurement, etc. You can look into the area of Event Management. With a MAJMC diploma, you will acquire many skills and are exposed to various aspects of management, planning, and execution that can help you advance the chances of a successful event Management career.

Public Relations Professional

A MAJMC degree can equip students with exceptional interpersonal, negotiation, communication, and management abilities that are perfect for jobs related to Public Relations. The most reputable companies in the world are always looking for competent individuals that can effectively promote their brand and establish a strong network of connections and contacts in the market. With the increasing awareness among companies about their image, The demand for PR professionals has increased exponentially.

Digital Marketing Expert

In our technologically driven world, this sector of Digital Marketing has been highly productive for those who have the MAJMC degree. This degree prepares students for the modern-day skills necessary to build a successful profession in Digital Marketing. As a new field, you can test out a wide range of specialized career options, such as SEO (Search engines Optimization (SEO), SEM Content Writing, Graphic Designing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Web Analytics.


Journalism is the process of delivering genuine and impartial news to the public that is based on extensive research and documentation. Reporting on any event that occurs in an area, gathering details and other relevant information, and then distributing information to the public through digital and printed media are in the work description of journalists. The MAJMC degree gives aspirants the essential expertise and knowledge associated with Journalism, helping in delivering the truth of the information to the public promptly.


Most of us are familiar with a specific section or segment of the media or newspaper focused on a particular topic. It could be a health or entertainment section, politics, and education, for instance. These are overseen by experienced columnists educated in Journalism and Mass Communication. If the thought of creating helpful content creatively is appealing to you, then this might be the perfect career path for you.

Employment Sectors

  • Fashion Industry
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Private TV Channels
  • FM Radio Stations
  • Event Management Companies
  • Film Industry
  • Websites
  • Print Media (Newspaper, Magazines, Digests, etc.)
  • Electronic Media
  • Social Media
  • Publishing Houses

After some time, you could create your magazine, but before starting, learn the art of marketing first. It is the science of disseminating information to a broad audience using various methods of communication. Journalism involves writing about the latest developments in magazines, newspapers, etc. It also includes reporting via television and radio.

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