MDCAT 2022 Syllabus and Paper Pattern by UHS Pdf Download Online

MDCAT 2022 Syllabus and Paper Pattern by UHS Pdf Download Online complete guide also. Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) is a test conducted in Pakistan each year for admissions in MBBS and BDS degrees. MDCAT is conducted by University of Health Sciences (Lahore) in the Punjab. Previously, its name was Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and new name was assigned in 2022. Each year more then 55,000+ students attempt this test while there are some 3400 seats in public sector medical colleges and some 200 seats in public sector dental colleges of the Punjab.

MDCAT is a per-requisite for admission in all medical and dental colleges both public and private sector in the Punjab.

MDCAT syllabus is taken as multiple choice questions (MCQs). Each MCQ carries 5 marks while there is a negative marking of -1 mark for wrong answer.

MDCAT Test 2022 Dates Pakistan and Schedule for Medical Entrance Exam

MDCAT 2022 Syllabus and Paper Pattern by UHS Pdf Download Online


As we have told you about the types of MDCAT test and the bodies which conduct it, the next question which hits the mind is the syllabus. The test for potential doctors is comprised of four subjects which are Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English. Students have to attempt all questions asked in the paper. You can check our syllabus section for further details.

The entry test is based upon the subjects which students have taken at Higher Secondary School level. This exam is meant to check the ability and potential of a student. Every exam conducting body has same subjects, but the pattern may vary from each other.

University of Health Sciences Divide Medical and dental colleges syllabus in Four Parts.And MDCAT Paper also Have Four Portion. The Four Part of MDCAT Syllabus Subject wise

  • Biology(High Portion)
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • English

MDCAT sample test, syllabus papers are available here for the help of students. All the models and sample papers are available here for the convenience of students.


MDCAT exam in Sindh is based on English, Physics, Chemistry and Bio Science. It is divided into four portions. One portion is specified to Bio which carries 30 multiple choice questions. The second portion consists of 30 MCQs from Physics. The part of chemistry is also based on 30 MCQs, while there are only 10 questions from English. Time allowed for it is 1 hour.


This test is taken for army medical institutes Biology. Students will have to attempt the paper within 1 hour and 80 minutes. The paper would have four portions consisted of English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The division of questions would be 20, 70, 45 and 45 respectively. Each question will be of 1 mark, so the total marks will be 180. You will be glad to know that there is no concept of negative marking in this test.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)

Medical pre-admission test in the province is conducted under Education Testing and Evaluation Agency. It consists of 200 questions: 60 MCQs from Physics, 60 from Chemistry, 30 based on Zoology, 30 from Botany, 20 questions from English. Each question carries 4 marks. For each wrong attempt one mark will be deducted.

Azad Kashmir

Those who want to take admission in medical and have a domicile of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) must have to take the medical entry test conducted by the Joint Admission Committee. The test will have one portion from Chemistry, 58 questions, one portion of Biology, 88 MCQs, 44 questions from Physics and a part of English, 30 MCQs. Students will require to complete the test within 2 and 1l2 hour.

UHS Papers PDF Download:

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