March 25, 2023

ATM Cards are quick way to exchange money in these days. The new ATM Card needs activation before proper use. There are multiple ways to activate ATM Card such as by SMS, Email, and ATM Machine. If you want to know how can you do NBP ATM Card Activation By SMS? then all information is available here. This article will provide an easy step-by-step guide on activating your National Bank of Pakistan ATM debit card. The BIN is a short form of a Bank Identification Number that identifies a particular financial institution. If you are a current Net Banker customer, you have probably received a text message to inform the Bank that you have an ATM card that is now ready to use. This article will guide you through activating your new NBP ATM card. The Bank will send you details regarding financial transactions in banks’ accounts. SMS messages will be sent after you have completed financial transactions with your account. There could be a delay in receiving SMS notifications from the holders in certain instances, such as when temporary access problems occur.

NBP ATM Card Activation By SMS

How do you activate the NBP ATM card through SMS? In the past, you may have received your brand new NBP “debit card,” and you’re ready to activate the card, but how? In this article, you’ll discover all the required information, including steps for activating an NBP ATM card by SMS. To activate the ATM credit card on the internet, sign in to your account through the Bank’s website and visit the ATM card activation page. Enter your card’s number and PIN, and follow the directions on your screen. You might be required to enter a unique code delivered to your mobile number or email. After completing all the steps, you will receive the ATM credit card activated and be ready to use.

NBP ATM Card Activation By SMS | National Bank of Pakistan

NBP ATM Card Activation By SMS | National Bank of Pakistan

Balance inquiry By SMS

 A simple way to Bank anytime, anywhere, NBP Internet Banking is the best option to make payments whenever and wherever you want to be. Enjoy the best banking experience while sitting in privacy at home or in your office. You must fill out and send an SMS message using the code words >> to a particular number of the mobile operator communication to obtain information on the balances of your bank accounts. The bank will reply to you with a quick SMS message regarding the balances in your account. SMS notifications won’t be sent in case of a mistake in the number or code word.

NBP ATM Card Status Check Online

To verify your ATM card’s status online, log in to your online account at the official website of National Bank of Pakistan and select the ‘ATM Card, Status Link. You will need to enter the 16-digit ATM card number, then select the button ‘Check Status. The ATM card’s information will appear on your screen. Please call the customer service department if you have any queries or require assistance.

Blocking Mobile SMS notifications 

If you lose your mobile phone, it is recommended to stop the mobile SMS notification service by calling Bank assistance to prevent the possibility of receiving data on your bank accounts from third parties. Besides, you must contact your mobile phone operator to block your mobile number. Here on this website, you may get various information regarding banking career and other bank information. 

Mobile SMS Notification service

  • SMS notifications are an easy and efficient service that lets you get details about all bank accounts and other operations via mobile phone at your fingertips.
  • The entire operation within the scope of mobile banking is carried out by forming and sending SMS notifications to a particular number from the mobile communication operator.
  • The sending of SMS requests to specified numbers is paid according to the mobile communication operator’s rates.
  • You can quickly and easily find information on the entire operation and keep track of the balances in your bank accounts.

How do I Get an ATM Card from NBP?

If you’d like to acquire the NBP ATM card, you could apply for one through your financial institution or Bank or purchase one from a third-party supplier. To obtain the NBP ATM card at your financial institution or Bank, you must complete an application form and submit evidence of your identity and address. Once your application is accepted, you’ll be able to choose an account number and have the card delivered to the address you have provided.

If you’d prefer to buy an NBP ATM card from a third-party supplier, it is possible to visit their website and choose “Buy Now” or the “Buy Online” option. You’ll then be asked to enter your details, which include names, addresses, and contact information. After the payment is accepted, you will receive an email confirmation with directions for activating your credit card.

How To Activate NBP ATM Card Through SMS

If you own an NBP ATM card, you can make it active via SMS by following these steps:

  • Input the 16-digit code on your credit card back into the “To” field of your mobile’s messaging app.
  • In the body of the message, in the body of the message, type ACT and then your PIN of 4 characters. For instance, if you’re PIN is 1234, then you should write ACT 1234 into the body of the message.
  • Send the message, and you should receive confirmation within minutes. When you have received confirmation and a confirmation email, your ATM card will be active and ready to use.

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