December 9, 2022

National Testing Service NTS is one of the biggest testing service in Pakistan after the Public service commission system. NTS commence the Written Test and Screening Test for the evaluation of the candidates for the respective purpose like job hiring and Admission merit. But NTS has a special test for the Undergraduate Programs Admission in the Universities and that called the National Aptitude Test NAT. Once you appear in the NTS NAT Test and Cleared it then your NAT Test Score Card will be valid till One year. It means that you can apply in any university undergraduate programs admission which university recommends that NTS NAT Test.

It the great thing that they offered the one year validity period. You have 12 chances in a year to clear the NAT Test because they conduct one test every year because everyone have they own schedule like some students repeat the subjects and some students failed their exams and they appears in the supply exams therefore they can appear in test of next month and if they failed that test then they have a chance to appear in the test very next month. If you cleared your Intermediate Degree Recently then you have to avail the chance to clear the NAT National Aptitude test in this month because complete schedule of NTS NAT Test has been announced and we provided the complete schedule of 2022.

NTS NAT Test Schedule 2022 Registration Result Dates

NTS NAT Test Schedule 2022 Registration Test Result Dates Online Where we provided all the date for Application form Submission, Candidates Lists, Roll Number Slips Issuance date, Test Date Answer Key and Result Dates as well. So now you should not be worried about your test Schedule like your Board Exams because their dates don’t confirmed. We are advice you that you must apply For NAT Test (Online Registration/Download Application Form) but you remember that you should fill the form carefully because if you fill the form wrong then you application will not be considered.

Once You apply for the Test then you should start preparations and don’t waste your time. Your Roll Number Slips will be reached on your residential address. Answer Key will be announced very next day of the test commencement date and Result will be announced within a week.

Schedule of National Aptitude Test NAT 2022

Applications should reach NTS office latest by last date of submission of Registration Form. NTS will not be responsible for late receiving of application through Courier / Pakistan Post etc.

Candidates are advised to bring print of their Electronic Roll Number Slip at the allocated test center. Electronic Roll Number Slip can be downloaded from NTS Website.

Schedule 2022
Test Status Test

Last Date of Submission
of Registration Form
Roll No. Slip
Result Announce_

Date on NTS Website
Result Card
Dipatch Date
Confirmed January 20, 2022  December 24,
January 4, 2022 January 11, 2022 January 28,
February 1, 2022
Tentative February 17, 2022 January 6,
January 23, 2022 February 7, 2022 February 25,
March 1, 2022
Tentative March 17, 2022 February 17,
February 27, 2022 Thursday, March 7, 2022 Monday, March
25, 2022
March 29, 2022
Tentative April 7, 2022 March
10, 2022
March 20, 2022 Thursday, March 28, 2022 Monday, April 15, 2022 April 19, 2022
Tentative May 12, 2022 April
7, 2022
April 17, 2022 April 26, 2022 May 20, 2022 May 24, 2022
Tentative June 16, 2022 May
5, 2022
May 15, 2022 May 23, 2022 June 24, 2022 June 28, 2022
Tentative July 21, 2022 June
16, 2022
June 28, 2022 July 9, 2022 July 29, 2022 August 2, 2022
Tentative August 25, 2022 July
7, 2022
July 19, 2022 July 29, 2022 September 2, 2022 September 6, 2022
Tentative September 22, 2022 August
25, 2022
September 4, 2022 September 12, 2022 September 30, 2022 October 4, 2022
Tentative October 20, 2022 September 15,
September 25, 2022 4th October 2022 October 28, 2022 November 1, 2022
Tentative November 17, 2022 October 13,
October 23, 2022 November 7, 2022 November 25, 2022 November 29, 2022
Tentative December 15, 2022 November 17,
November 27, 2022 December 5, 2022 December 23, 2022 December 27, 2022

Where the status has been written Confirmed that test has been confirmed and those dates can’t be change and those status that are written Tentative their dates and not confirmed those dates can be changed. If you have any type of query or issue then you can contact with us in comment section we will help you as much we can.

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