March 29, 2023

NUMS Aggregate Calculator 2023 all deatails is available here.Now is the time to present the most efficient and helpful tool with which many students will be able to resolve their questions about the merits of NUMS, which will help them understand where they are in the application process for different disciplines. The National University of Medical Sciences, commonly referred to as NUMS, is a private university in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. The National University of Medical Sciences is accredited through the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) to award degrees. Status, and is recognized through the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) to provide postgraduate and undergraduate medical training and education. It was established in 2015 and is managed through the Pakistan Army Medical Corps. 

NUMS, the online aggregate calculator, can help you make a total of the marks you have earned and your percentages in various courses. Knowing the merit scores before the display of merit lists for NUMS is relatively easy. Through the NUMS calculator, you can quickly determine your total merit scores in the NUMS University (All campuses) context. Prior knowledge of your merit scores can inform you about the confirmation of your admission


NUMS Aggregate Calculator 2023 | Merit Formula Online

NUMS Aggregate Calculator 2023 | Merit Formula Online

NUMS Aggregate Calculator 2023

After calculating your aggregate marks, you just need to compare your aggregate marks with NUMS University last year merit lists marks. If your marks are in the range of highest and lowest marks of merit lists then your admission in the prestigious Institute of NUMS is confirmed subject to that calculations as well.Dear visitor, If you are in search of a way to know about your standing in merit of NUMS covering your academic record, then will be pleased to know that will facilitate you in this regard.Are you preparing to take the NUMS Admission Test and how to calculate your MDCAT NUMS 2023 Aggregate and connect to the previous year’s Closing Merits to be considered for admission to NUMS Affiliated Medical or Dental institutions in Pakistan?

MDCAT NUMS Aggregate Formula

  • NUMS MDCAT Marks 50%
  • FSC Marks 40%
  • SSC 10%Calculate NUMS Aggregate 2023-2023

Have you taken the NUMS Admission Test and are wondering what your MDCAT score is for NUMS 2023 Aggregate and comparing it to last year’s closing Merits for admission to NUMS-associated Medical or Dental institutions in Pakistan? Then you’re at the right place. Here we are sharing the most recent version of the MDCAT, that is, for NUMS Aggregate Calculator.

NUMS Entry Test Pattern

NUMS Entry Test includes multiple-choice questions from the following topics.

  • Biology = 40% (60 MCQs)
  • Chemistry = 25% (38 Mcqs)
  • Physics = 25% (37 Mcqs)
  • English = 10% (15 MCQs)

A separate psychological test of 50 marks is not part of the merit calculations; however, taking it is a requirement. The duration of the Psychological Test is 30 minutes.

NUMS Aggregate Calculator 2023

NUMS is the acronym for the form of the National University of Medical Sciences. NUMS entry test total formula 2023 is listed on this web page. To Pakistan Medical Commission, the students need at least 55% for medical and 45% for BDS. Students who fail to pass the MDCAT administered by PMC cannot be admitted to NUMS. NUMS has an entrance test for admission to MBBS and BDS each year. 

NUMS Entry Test Aggregate Percentage 2023

Students who wish to gain admission into Army Medical or Dental colleges must pass this test. Many students want to become doctors, and they strive to get there. The students must obtain the highest marks possible in the F.Sc. NUMS entrance test and MDCAT administered by PMC. To calculate the NUMS aggregate requirements, Pakistan Medical Commission made a formula. Here is the procedure for aggregate to calculate the NUMS aggregate criteria for NUMS admission 2023 for BDS/MBBS:

MDCAT= 50%

 NUMS Merit Calculation Formula 2023?

The following is the NUMS algorithm for calculating aggregates:

  • If, for instance, you scored 120 marks on MDCAT If you scored 120 marks in MDCAT, then
  • 120/150 x100= 80%
  • 50 percent of MDCAT marks = 80×50/100 = 40 percent
  • You scored 1027 in FSC and took exams in elective subjects, i.e., biology, mathematics/physics, and Chemistry. Therefore, the marks for compulsory subjects will be calculated for elective subjects. Then,
  • 1027/1100 x100= 93.4 %
  • 50 percent of FSC marks equals 93.4×50/100= 46.7 percent
  • According to HEC according to HEC, to be eligible for MBBS or BDS admission, the basic basis of merit is:
  • 10 percent of matric marks plus 40 percent of F.Sc. marks and 50 percent of MDCAT marks

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