January 26, 2023

SECCAP Claim Form 2023 Online Registration for College Admission in Karachi has been stated now. Formerly known as Centralized Admission Policy (CAP), the name has been changed to Sind Electronic Centralized College Admission Program. Online Claim System Available Now on SECCAP.dgcs.gos.pk. The last Date For the Claim is August 7, 2023. Students can get the complete procedure for filing the claim in SECCAP admission both in Urdu and English languages. www.SECCAP.net claim form for college admission is given below. SECCAP Claim form will be uploaded on the website at 11:00 pm. The SECCAP Claim form 2023 online Registration for college admission in Karachi has been announced.

SECCAP Claim Form 2023 Online Registration

Many students complain, and more than a manual complaints system is needed. The SECCAP Claim Form 2023 online registration form for admission to a college in Karachi was announced. A contact number has been listed on the SECCAP website, but no student claimed to receive a reply to the email sent to that address. Online Claim System It is available on SECCAP.docs.gos.pk. The deadline for claims is August is mentioned in the site.

SECCAP Claim Form Online Registration 2023

SECCAP Claim Form Online Registration 2023

SECCAP Claim System 2023

  • The online claim form will be uploaded to the website soon
  • Claims can be made online only
  • The following students can claim SECCAP online.
  • Percentage %. The name did not come to this college even though it corresponded to Slakeade College
  • Marks obtained are as per other faculty
  • To change faculty (group) by cut-off percentage
  •  Marks obtained are per other colleges and cut off percentage % (merit) wise to change college.
  • Note: Students with computer science subjects in enrollment are not eligible for admission in pre-medical

Karachi CAP Form SECCAP Claim Procedure

  • Students cannot change their faculty through the claim form, so select your faculty carefully when filling out the placement form.
  • Your admission to such a college is impossible; your merit is above your marks. No form will be received for this purpose.
  • Students can keep their preference list of eight colleges/higher secondary schools at this stage.
  • No farm will be accepted based on a change of residential address.
  • Applications will be received at the designated claim centers; no form will be accepted even at the head office of SECCAP.
  • Forms will be available only from the designated centers.
  • Photocopy will not be accepted at all. Only the original form will be accepted.
  • Attach the photocopy of the computerized form and its receipt with the state.

SECCAP Form Download Online

A Guide to the Karachi SECCAP Form and Claims Process

  1. Students cannot request a faculty change via the claim form; thus, they must make an informed choice while filling out the placement form.
  2. A college can only accept you if your merit is higher than your grades. In this regard, we will not accept any form.
  3. A student’s top eight colleges, universities, and high schools cannot be altered now.
  4. As a result of the move, the farm is no longer considered acceptable.
  5. Applications will only be accepted at the official claim centers; the SECCAP headquarters will not accept paper applications.
  6. Only those specified locations will have copies of the forms.
  7. We cannot accept any photocopies. No copies or facsimiles will be allowed, only the originals.
  8. Include a copy of the receipt and the digital form with your submission.
  9. An inventory of locations is shown below.

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